Monday, October 15, 2012

Daddy Legless Spider

There was a serious workplace injury in my bathroom this morning.  A poor Daddy Long Legs, on his way to work, across the bathroom tiles, over the bathmat, met with a disturbing fate.  Between you and I, I think he had been drinking, for he was wobbling all over the place in a very ungainly manner - come to think of it, he looked like all of his kind, totally uncoordinated and like he had drunk his fill, left the pub and was now walking home - in a zigzag fashion.

Meaning well, I tried to give him a lift, but he struggled and panicked and in all the ruckus ... one of his eight legs FELL off.   Yep, just fell to the ground where it lay on the white tiles twitching and moving like it was still attached.  I was really quite fascinated, in a gross way, and as I stood transfixed by the jerking limb, Mr Daddy One-Less Leg made his escape.  He was on a bit of a lean, but did his best to hobble up over the (now) crumpled bath mat to the safety of the bathroom cabinet.  I should have rendered first aid, but wasn't sure how to pick up his lost limb or if I should put it on ice or not?

The spider's twitching limb - sounds like a Halloween movie title

I watched his lifeless leg twitch for a full minute and a half ... isn't that just amazing?!


I left what remained of the spider, hiding under the kickboard of the cabinet. Poor guy ... he deserved a day off after that ordeal. 

Poor Mr Daddy One-Less Leg - rough day at the office

Wonder if I should advise Worksafe?  But I don't want them delving into his obvious alcohol problem ... this was 8am this morning - far too early for a spider to be drinking!  Bet he will have a hell of a hangover tomorrow and wonder how on earth he lost a leg.  Good luck explaining that one to the missus mate!  Great story for the mates however.


  1. You were brave. They are one of the most poisonous spiders going round. I always find it amusing to imagine them with their tiny jaw unable to bite into human flesh. I can picture a daddy straining his jaw open thinking "almost...almost...!"

    1. I am I guess you too are a Ricky Gervais fan? :-)

  2. My goodness - legless spider, what do you keep in your toothbrush glass in the bathroom ?

    1. I did wonder why the mouth wash was going down so fast!

  3. Jo, Loved your Daddy long less spider blog, A had a good chuckle too he was dropped off By K on her way to work and B takes him up at 8.30.
    You should have a go at kids stories and get A to do the pics

    Love Mum

  4. • Fascinating! (ie nature ie twitching dead leg)
    • Irresponsible! (ie drunken spider, at 8am)
    • Astounding (ie your interest in nature and drunken spiders)
    • Disturbing (ie that you employ drunken spiders)
    • Familiar (ie I have been legless more than once)
    • Entertaining (ie your blog!)

    Thanks buddy xxx