Friday, August 17, 2012

Strawb & Jago - South Perth

It was Strawb's turn to pick the day out.  She asked me to catch the ferry over to South Perth, which sounded lovely but I got Mr K to drop me off instead. 

She picked me up wearing an awesome pair of teal green jeans and a leather jacket - hot mama that she is!  Not bad at all for (cough, cough) almost 50!  Of course she is older than me, so has to try harder!!  ha ha ha - who am I kidding!

It was all a bit of a surprise today, I had no idea what the day entailed, but I can tell you I got pretty nervous as we drove by the South Perth Golf Club - oops sorry ... The Royal (no less) Perth Golf Club.  Unless it was to take me to lunch there, in which case she should have warned me as there is a very strict dress code, then I had no interest being there! 

Phew, we drove past, and parked in a shopping centre car park in Como.  Now I like a spot of shopping like the rest of you, but a whole girly day of it?  There just didn't look like enough shops to keep us girls amused all day.  But my Strawb headed across the road to a lovely old 1930's cinema - Cygnet Cinema (formerly Como Theatre) for a morning movie session.  Now this was novel!

We saw The Sapphires - really sweet and perfect movie for besties to see.  But I saw Chris O'Dowd first and he's mine!!  - hear that Strawb!  Mine!

Feel good movie with great music. 

The actual Sapphires today

Mmmmm nice bit of Irish

Then it was back over the road to the very high brow named The Karalee on Preston for a low browed sports bar (IMHO 3 big screen TVs showing sport makes it a sports bar) to have a really great meal, some bevvies and wonderful service.  It was a perfect end to a already great day.  So I thought!

A few very well poured Bombays (for me) and some generous pours of merlot (for her) and Strawb keeps doing the strangest thing!  She asked me 3 times what time it was?  It was very unnerving, I knew something was up.   She confirmed my suspicions when my request for another drink was declined.  We had somewhere to be! 

A nice walk in the afternoon sunshine, it was 3pm by this time, was well in order and as we strolled down the hill towards the river, I got more and more perplexed what our next event would be.  Strawb did allude to more eating, which was a bit of a concern, considering we had just had a very decent pub lunch!  But I figured I could handle a coffee and maybe share a cake with my girl. 

She started giving me clues about this stage (obviously I was clueless about our fate to come) which was we were going to one of the oldest and most famous buildings on the Esplanade.  The only place I could think of was the Pagoda, which I had always thought of as a Chinese Restaurant or something similar.  Driven past it a million times but never, ever been there.  When she told me I had guessed right, I was just as confused as why would we be going to a Chinese restaurant at 3pm on a Friday afternoon when we had just had lunch?

This is why.....

It's actually now a very posh venue for HIGH TEA!  I asked my darling girl if she knew what High Tea entailed and she mumbled something about a cup of tea and a scone?  Yeah, that's about right - but add the REST of the food.  So when our lovely waitress came to take our order, and she offered the "sparkling" option, we both jumped at a glass of champers to calm our nerves at the thought of a three tiered symphony of food about to be presented to us. 

We vowed to valiantly tackle a few morsels and blushingly we would ask for a doggy bag (or in this kind of establishment - a box with a doily) to take home the bulk of the food we were sure we would not eat.  Bloody good go we had at it tho, luckily we both had stretchy pants (and after seeing what we did manage to eat - stretchy stomachs) on - it would have been insulting not to eat most of it.  I think Strawb took home a small, but delightful sample to Mrs C.  The tea choices were perfect - cinnamon for me and almond for Strawb.

After waddling back up the hill to the car, Strawb dropped me back to the jetty where I had to run-waddle to catch the ferry that had just pulled up. 

Wonderful and delightful day we had - it's my turn next ... how will I top this!

Thanks my girl - it was a super day. 

The Pagoda - History


  1. What an awesome girls day out, you have a great friend there :) Iv always driven past that restaurant before too but never ventured inside. I might have to check it out (on an empty stomach of course!)

    1. Yes, she is a good friend indeed. We have been friends for over 40 years! (thats dating us!)