Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its back to work we Go

Day 2 back in the saddle (oh I wish I was a jillaroo and my office was on the back of a horse) and it feels like the last 11 days never happened.  Like a big blurry nightmare dream!

Well apart from the following evidence:

  • The beautiful Potting Bench (pics to follow) my darling Dad made for me that is still sitting on the front veranda with Mr K's tools on top (sorry Dad)
  • Red and white table cloths, placemats and napkins washed but un-ironed all over my craft room, fighting for room with left-over wrapping paper, gift tags and ribbons.
  • Half a very boozy Christmas cake in a tin on the dresser that I try hard to resist eating for breakfast (seems there is an unwritten rule that Christmas cake for breakfast is ok when you are 2-3 days past the Big Day, but after that you are just a greedy slob - kinda like the speedo's or undies debate)
  • Getting to play with my very big surprise gift from Mr K - a zoom and fish eye lens
  • Bowls of Quality Street still strategically placed around the house, taunting me, teasing me.
  • A giant ham on the bone still taking up valuable fridge space when I need that for salads and fruit.
  • 17 beach towels all scattered around the pool (well actually I am exaggerating there.  I washed them all today and folded them and put them back in the towel basket ready for the next guests to all pop over with bathers but no towels!)
  • A bottle of Hendricks Gin, hidden in my secret stash, a much prized present from son #1
  • Pants that I wore a month ago feeling rather snug, and more alarming, they were stretch!
  • Odd things I need to find homes for - lovely gifts, but they need a home
May all my fellow Bloggers, Readers, Family and Friends have their dreams come true in 2013. 

And remember if they don't .... A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor!


  1. Happy New Year! Isn't it a strange thing - the week leading up to Christmas, then the week in between Christmas and New Year goes so fast, it is like a blur! I'm at work and it all seems like it was so rushed! Onwards and upwards!

  2. Happy New Year! I was back at work on Wednesday and it feels like the "break" I had never happened, but then I don't think it did because it wasn't a break, it was housework and entertaining overload and this weekend will be spend spring cleaning the house. But I am still smiling :)

  3. For me the only good thing that's come out of the break is the tidying up, I have done, in the pantry as it's been too bloody hot to do anything else. So one very clean pantry, three bags of expired stuff thrown out; and I am feeling your pain with the weight gain. Must do more walking xx

  4. What a great son you have getting you a bottle of Hendricks, my personal favourite Gin EVER! When people laugh at me for drinking gin and I give them one of these (with cucumber and lime, of course!), they are forever converted to the Gin drinkers club.
    Cheers and Happy New Year!
    Lou @ The Honesty Path