Thursday, July 5, 2012

House Project - Planning and Preparing

OK.  So the road is all clear for Mr K and I finally get our own house renovated and organised.  This weekend we will start Stage 2 - Preparing.  We have the whole weekend, both feel well and ready to jump in.  I am even a bit excited that we really will be starting!   

Going to turn this ....

See the other post - Planning.

So what needs to be done this weekend? 

  1. Take every item stacked on the veranda and carport and sort them on the driveway
  2. Sort like with like - camping gear, tools, other peoples stuff, junk to throw out, things to store
  3. Clean items that need to be put away
  4. Call other people to come collect their stuff or it will go in the bin!
  5. Get tip passes from the Ranger
  6. Throw out the junk (this will involve a trip to the rubbish trip - doggies will love that!)
  7. Put away items in the shed in their designated areas.
  8. Tidy/clean shed as we go
  9. Mow lawn ready for camper
  10. Move trailer camper onto lawn and cover
  11. Sweep all the cobwebs off the ceiling/walls
  12. Blowervac the area
  13. Put back veranda furniture
  14. Set up trestle tables and boxes ready to sort rooms that will be painted
  15. Go to carpet stores and choose and order new carpets
  16. Go to lighting stores and choose and order new lights
So this is stage 2 of 8 stages.

... into this!!

The stages are:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Storeroom
  4. Guest bedroom
  5. Guest Lounge
  6. My Office
  7. Mr K's Office/Library/Gentlemans room
  8. Shed
By this time it should be Spring and we can begin to revamp the gardens and outdoor area.

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