Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Learning about Silver

This is one of the 2 silver napkin rings my Mother-in-Law gave Mr K and I for our 25th wedding anniversary.

The maker mark is C.W  Charles Wilkes, of Mott Street, Birmingham

The Anchor is the City Mark - this was made in Birmingham (confirmed also by the maker)

The Lion is the Standard Mark, proving it is silver - in this case its Sterling .925 purity

The letter in the Cartouche means it was made in 1910, so they are 102 years old!

The rest of my 'silver' is in fact EPNS or ElectroPlated Nickel Silver.  Doing some more research on these, which led me to Ebay and a few new purchases today!  I bought 4 separate pieces of serving utensils for $100.  Not sure if this price is good or not, but its all a learning curve.

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