Monday, July 16, 2012

Renovation Day 3

I should rename this Frustrating Day.  The great momentum that we had accrued over the weekend, seemed to deflate somewhat this morning.  The highlight of the day was the realisation that is was Monday and we didn't have to go to work.  We were on Holidays!  What a delicious feeling.  Sad isn't it that we get excited about time off to work! 

Three rooms were almost completely emptied, with the library 80% done.  It was just a case of little niggly things to do that don't have much impact so you feel like you are not getting anything done. 

What we did achieve:
  • Mr K sorted ALL his cables into plastic crates ready to put back into the shelves (as opposed to cables being in 24 different locations around the house, in plastic bags, in giant tangles stuffed in a drawer, in dusty cardboard boxes full of dead millipedes...)
  • I went to Big W (again) and bought the last plastic boxes on the shelf (yes we bought out the entire shop!)  Hope they get another shipment soon.
  • I polished more silver
  • Mr K had 1 million phone calls about the things we had advertised in Gum Tree.  Mostly Indians calling about the computer we were selling.  It was a great deal and Mr K had priced it to sell.  $80 for a computer, 2 monitors, a router, a modem, and other bits and bobs.  After waiting around for people who did not show, we eventually had a chap turn up at 8pm and proceed to haggle again!  Mr K would not budge on price, not because he is mean, but because of the damn principle of rude people who want to rip you off.  He did however throw in an office chair, some spare mice and keyboards, a few kids books and whatever else he spied as he walked amongst our carport.  Sigh ..
  • Mr K had to take and make numerous (like about 15) calls from staff and to clients - seems we are unable to take even 1 damn day away from the office before it all comes undone. 
  • I polished even more silver, seems its something I now do when I feel anxious
  • Cam came over for dinner and I made us all a awesome chorizo risotto which I will brag was rather good.
  • I polished more silver
Tomorrow is not going to be much better.  We have a meeting at 9.30am with our business mentor. I very much like these meetings and Mr B always leaves us feeling very positive and determined.  I will make him cake to serve with my newly polished silver forks, sugar bowl and tea strainer!

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