Monday, July 2, 2012

When working from home goes bad

LOVE my new working routine. 

Except, our Internet connection is dying a slow death, it's as slow as a wet week (with kids, who are on school holidays, who have watched every DVD we own, who are more than bored ... you get the picture - it's SLOW!)

Email is sporadic, getting onto terminal server is hit and miss, more miss than hit, websites crash, or are so slow its like watching paint dry.  Everything takes so much time to do, that I have taken to doing (eek) housework while I wait for something to download.

So far we have had 4 different technicians out here to scratch their chin and um and arr and go away without having a clue.

Mr K has done a good job of growling at the ISP, who blame Telstra, who in turn blame the ISP.  I believe we have the 'A' team out here this Friday - so hopefully it will get fixed.

Meanwhile, I am getting lots of 'house' work done!

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