Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Renovation - Day 12

Bit of a nothing day.  I am thinking our steam is about running out.  Only a little bit more to go and then we can have the fun of putting our house back together!  Spent a lot of time going from room to room admiring and planning and dreaming.  We didn't get a lot done today, but here is what we did achieve:
  • Moved all the furniture out of the old guest room and cleaned it all down
  • Mr K ground out the cracks ready to fill in my office
  • Sanded old patched parts of the wall
  • Filled all the holes, cracks, gouges, etc
  • Left the spak filler to dry, the heavy duty stuff takes 12 hours
  • Moved more books - we now have books in 4 rooms - its like a real library!
    • Mr K's Study - Military, History, Travel
    • My Office - Writing, Genealogy
    • Craft Room - craft books - der!
    • Reading Room (the new name for the middle room) - Gardening, Farming, Self Help, Novels, Literature, Biography
  • Found more books outside in boxes
  • Washed sheets and underlay on guest bed
  • Remade bed in new guest bedroom
  • Put a few containers away in the craft room
By about 12noon, I had another killer headache, as well as tummy pains from all the neuophen I have taken over the past week to get rid of these damn headaches. I am not sure whats causing them, but I suspect it may be fumes - paint, carpet and the smelly gas heater.  Layed down for a while to get rid of it, and we both fell asleep!  Must have needed the rest.

Tomato soup for dinner, good comedy night on the ABC, then to bed.

Guest Bedroom - needs new bed cover and the bedside tables that Dad and I built, need to be repainted to match

Reading Room - Need TV cabinet and couch under the window

Craft Room - another white cabinet to put together and then a large version of this on the opposite wall.  LOVE all that storage space.  It feels very creative in there already.

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