Saturday, July 14, 2012

Renovation Project - Day 1

Well, I am giddy with glee!  Feel very energetic and happy and positive right now.  It's the end of Day 1 of the renovation project and it feels so good to have started at long last.  A few false starts and plans that got thwarted, but here we are.

Today was a clear out day.  Just the three rooms that the boys used to inhabit.  But before we could drag all the stuff out of there, we had to play a game of 'there's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza'.  First we had to pick up doggy poo's so that we could mow the lawn so that we could put the trailer camper on there so we could clear the carport so we could set up trestle tables so we had somewhere to stack the stuff so that we could clear out the furniture so that we could start to prepare the walls.  Phew.  It was a hard day but a good day.

We have an empty trailer on loan, all ready to fill with the junk and take to the tip.  That will be a GOOD day - very cleansing.

Tomorrow is preparing walls day.  It's so nice to have the time to do this at a normal pace, not rushing and squeezing it into a single weekend.  I will also go to Big W to get plastic storage boxes.

My new craft/store room - just a few bits of heavy furniture to be moved

The soon to be guest lounge - the slat wall is coming down and going into Kim's shed.  Piano will go into the lounge.

Another view of the guest lounge. 

All the stuff stacked and kind of categorised.  The boys will come and have a sort through tomorrow.

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