Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Renovation - Day 5


New energy applied today.  Trying to put the stress of work out of our heads and just focus on the renovation work.  Things we achieved today :

  • Vacuumed all the ceiling and walls
  • Cleaned the window sills and surrounds
  • Vacuumed the floor
  • Cleaned the built-in cupboards
  • Ground out cracks and holes
  • Filled cracks and holes and imperfections
  • Sanded door frames
  • Wiped down door frames
  • Made coffee and cake for Mr J and gave him some human contact
  • Went to Bunnings!  (again)  Bought -
    • Wall paint in half strength Fawn Beige - 15l
    • Ceiling paint
    • White enamel for the doors and door frames
    • More Silvo ;)
  • Met Cam at his place to get instructions for backhoe driver
  • Made silverside, parsley sauce and mustard mashed potatoes for dinner
Not a bad day and tomorrow we will do some more prep work and get the door frames painted.  Looks like Saturday will be painting day!

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