Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Renovation Day 4

Well you know that saying, great plans of mice and men?   Seems the mice won and ate great holes in our plans.  It's now Tuesday  and we have not even started patching walls,  let alone touched a paint brush.

I was up early to prepare for Mr B to visit.  Wanted to have the house tidy (why do I keep trying to achieve this when I know its an impossible task?).  Gave up and just accepted that we were in the middle of renovations, I will just have to sit in shame in my messy house.  But I did make apple cake, so the house smelt homely. 

Had a very good, and as it turned out, timely meeting with Mr B.  Have some plans nutted out about the issues unfolding at work.  I got a very nice compliment on my apple cake - apparently Mr B is now going to look for a coffee shop for me to run and make my yummy cakes - he is such a tease!  (secretly I was chuffed to bits as all of you that know me, know that I would LOVE to cook for a living)

12noon  - we finally got to start what we have taken time off to do!  Cleared all the walls of the boys rooms of shelves, slat wall, TV's so that we are now left with great holes in the plaster where wall plugs and screws used to be.  Had an argument about the piano.  For the moment the piano won and its still sitting on the middle of the room. 

3pm and we both realised we hadn't eaten, there was no bread in the house, and we needed to go to the Dulux store to get painting stuff.  Excursion time.  Had 'dine-in' Hungry Jacks .. how they call the food they serve as 'dining' is beyond me.  Then off to the very fun Dulux shop, full of professional painting paraphernalia.  Wow.  It was like a stationery shop for house painters.  Bought a few things like masking tape (the good stuff that doesn't let paint seep underneath and peels off cleaning - apparently), professional spak filler, and a few other gadgets. 

Back home, not to get stuck in with our new gadgets, but home to have a meeting with a Enable manager.  Sigh.  So  nothing major was done today at all.  Here are some progress pics ...

Anyone see the piano elephant in the room?

The dentist!  Mr K grinding out the cracks so we can fill them properly

Mr K's 'cable' collections now rounded up and segregated - we believe in cable apartheid!

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