Friday, April 13, 2012

And here is the cold!

After the week/s that was I have been waiting on my body to show the signs of stress and here it is ... a cold.  I should have guessed it would be today, after all it is Friday 13th!

It’s never a good time to have a cold, but I guess it is your bodies way of saying “hey, I have had enough of what you have dragged me through and I need a few days in bed resting”.  So I am sitting at my desk, medicating myself with Codral, Butter Menthols and Eucalyptus 3 Ply Tissues.  My head hurts, my nose is running, my throat is sore and I feel hot.  Can’t concentrate on any work, so am playing about blogging and Pinteresting.  Just want to go home and crawl into bed. 

I know a little doggie that will love having a sick person in the house.  She loves being in bed with a human hot water bottle.  She is a very good recovery companion.

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