Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cupcake Day 1

There seems to be a bit of a trend back to the old fashioned crafts.  Which really surprises me in this generation of instant gratification and technology.  It could be the current financial crisis making all of us much more frugal and thrifty.  Or, maybe its because we go farther away from our roots as humans and want to touch base with our basic needs.  Maybe this is why crafts like knitting, home making and cooking are so popular again.

I have always had a great love and get great joy from making things and being crafty.  And I have always loved cooking.  But it never extended to the skills of cake decorating.

Until now ..

Seems I have been bitten by the Cupcake Bug.  And oh my goodness, there is a HUGE amount of stuff to play with.  Gel colours, glitter sprinkles, fondant flowers, themed cases.  A far cry from the days of hundreds and thousands.

So here is today's first attempt.  LONG way to go , but we all have to start somewhere.  I used the basic cupcake recipe of Nigella Lawson's.  I will keep working until I get a perfect basic recipe. 

Then I made a basic Royal Icing, which was quick and easy.  I can see these babies in lovely pastel colours.

The first attempt are adorned with little edible rose buds that Jules gave me last Christmas.  Mr Kirsa thinks they are a little girly, but I bet I catch him having one later :-)

Royal Icing with dried rose bud
Set of 3 cupcakes - love the gloss on the icing

Oh so pretty!

I think I may take it all a step further and see if there are any decorating classes.

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