Saturday, April 14, 2012

Have a Special Visiter Today

Despite waking with a killer cold (on a damn Saturday damnit!), I got a message that propelled me out of bed, got me taking more 'soldier on' drugs and head out to WG.  My bestie, Strawb was coming for her first ever visit to see my beautiful property.  I have been dying to show her round our place, describing it to her as 'the perfect camping spot'.  She is my favorite camping buddy and we share the same love of finding that ideal place to make camp.  But despite owning WG for over 2 years now, we had never been able to match up a visit.

View to the Stables

Today was the day!  Strawb came along with my #2 Mum and her new puppy, the very sweet Willow.  Sadly Tom Dog did not share our views of little Willow and wanted to show her who the top dog was.  He can be such a bully.  We took everyone on a tour of the property hoping that Tom Dog (who was now on a leash and under the control of his Dad) would relax and think twice about being mean to Willow.  We just did what every good parent should do, we ignored the bad behaviour and rewarded the good.  They settled into a kind of stand off eventually.

Strawb and I on one of our Camping Jaunts

Strawb and Mrs C rolled up their sleeves and helped clear the driveway ready for the mower to run down there.  It wasn't long before we had it all cleared up and worked up a good appetite for some snags on the BBQ.  Each job we get done, the place looks better and better.  The jacarandas are looking better, and when the grass gets mown beneath them it will look like the place is loved.  At this point I had a major wardrobe malfunction - bent over and split my pants big time!  Teach me for letting my rear end get so big.  Did the ole tie a jumper around my waist to hide it, but I was fooling no-one. 

My cold was making me feel pretty ordinary, so it was a welcome break to get the BBQ going and have a not yet earned, but very welcome pear cider.  We now have two more converts to the PEAR CIDER fan club and another debate on where the name Rekorderlig comes from.  I always thought it sounded a bit like an IKEA bookcase, and it seems I wasn't far off!  Vimmerby, Sweden is the birth place, which is very close to where IKEA was founded.  The pear is my favorite, but the other flavours are not too shabby.

Probably wasn't a good idea however, having a cider in the middle of a hot day, all we wanted to do afterwards was have a nice little nap under the shade of one of the beautiful gum trees we have growing.  Strawb, Mrs C and darling Willow made their farewells (Willow could not jump into the back of the XTrail quick enough!) and left Mr Kirsa and I to potter about the rest of the afternoon.  It was hot, (are we sure this is Autumn?) and I did feel very drained.  So just put myself in low range and slowly raked leaves, filled the trailer with dead branches and prunings.  Had a little sit down, then a bit more raking and pushed the trailer to the bonfire heap.  It took me all afternoon to get done a job that would normally take just a few hours, but it was better than nothing.

Respite arrived in the late afternoon in the form of our wonderful and fun neighbours.  They love a good sundowner on the veranda and when we work out the property it becomes a daily treat.  They had been working hard all day too, pruning, moving mulch, keeping fit.  Its so very peaceful and pretty siting on the veranda as the sun goes down, the red-tailed cockatoos heading home, the pink and grey galahs coming in for a drink and a play, the maggies chortling and fossicking about in the newly mowed grass.  Its the closest we get to being camped way up north.  All this only 16kms from the CBD. 

Early morning on the veranda, looking towards the pool

Makes me want to move here even more, this few weeks I am just putting out of my mind that we have to relet this property.  It truly breaks my heart. Hoping for a miracle - or at least a lotto win.

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