Thursday, April 12, 2012

Love these short weeks

Its Thursday already, so just 2 days work and its back to the weekend.  Going back out to WG to tidy up some more and to have some quality time there.  I just love being there, I escape into a fantasy world where we are actually living there. 

I have such plans.

The chicken pen needs an overhaul, the wire needs to be buried deeper and I want to put corrugated iron dug in at the base to stop foxes and dogs getting to my girls.  The grape vine growing over it needs some TLC, pruning and the base built up so its protected.  Paint the chook house and get some better perches.  Plant herbs/flowers around the edges to make it softer and greener.  Research herbs that the girls will like.

Hen House as it is now.

The vege garden needs to be moved from where it is now.  Its right in the way of the horse prep area.  I want a wash down bay here.  We already have put in the hot and cold water ready for this.  Will move the vege garden over next to the chook pen and orchard and compost bays.  I have lots of wonderful old sleepers so can make a few raised beds and get Kim to irrigate them all. 

View of raised vege bed, dressage arena in background.
View between vege garden and chook pen - all before the clean up!

So, that's eggs and vegies all sorted.  And this is all just in a tiny corner of the whole property.  So many plans ...

Well off to work now to earn some money so that all the dreams above become closer.  I loved feeling all my aches this week, it was a nice muscular pain, good to know that my body was working and getting fitter.  Kim and I both need this exercise.  I hate running on a treadmill when I could be raking up leaves.  I hate lifting weights in an airless gym when I could be moving rocks for a garden bed.  I hate stepping on a stairmaster when I could be shovelling compost and manure into a vege bed.


  1. Wow!! looks like a fun project. I'll follow on the way out so I can watch your journey unfold.

  2. :-) Thanks Carolyn. It is fun but a lot of hard work. But nothing good ever comes from being idle!