Thursday, July 12, 2012


EBay has got me hooked, again.  I knew there was a reason I stopped going there.  Last time, I ended up with Irish Wade in truckloads,  enough green transferwear to start my own shop and little teeny, tiny teacups and saucers that I have no idea why I bought.  So I went cold turkey as my new motto was to de-clutter.

I now blame 3 things for my renewed interest ...

  1. Pinterest
  2. High Tea has become the 'in' thing
  3. Pinterest
And even scarier for a former eBay addict is a new website that 'snipes' your purchase for you.  You add the thing/s you covet to your watch list.  Then this website downloads your watch list and you add a snipe i.e the bid amount that you are happy to go up to.  Then you sit back and wait.  The sniper does all the work for you.

Once the auction is finished, without you having to even watch it, you get a little ping (that's an email popping into your inbox) to say "Congratulations, you WON!"  Its nice to WIN things, but then the next email that comes in tells you how to pay for what you have won.  This is how you know its an addiction ... the thrill of the win is overshadowed with the pain of payment.

This is what I have 'won' in the last few days ...

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Trio (1962) for $31.50

Silver (EPNS) Sandwich Server and Fork $50.00 the pair

Silver (EPNS) Cake Server and Tongs $50.00 the pair

Silver (EPNS) Tea Strainer $20.00

Silver (EPNS) Cake Forks $13.00 the set

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