Friday, July 20, 2012

Renovation Day 7

Seven full days working on the house.  Feeling a bit tired now, and my body is definaetly feeling it too.  The payoff is being able to see what we have done, and I keep doing this!  This morning I went up to the rooms and admired and stroked the very smooth door frames.  They are all dry now and looking bright and white and fresh.

Few little glitches with the spraying technique, but Mr K has done a great job for a beginner.  A friend dropped by last night to have a look and I sshowed him the runs in the paint work and he said that even the professiuonals get runs.  His new house has quite a few.  Will sand them back and do a touch up when we paint the doors. 

Waiting for the door frames to dry, we moved down to the old office.  This room still had built in furniture and things to take off the walls. 

The tasks we achieved today:
  • Clear out the rest of the cables, computer equipment, plastic boxes that Mr K has sorted
  • Grinding of the large cracks
  • Vacuum all the ceiling and walls
  • Patch cracks and holes
  • Vacuum the floor
  • Clean out the vacumm for the 100th time!
  • Washed the window frames and tracks
  • Washed the air con vents
  • Made cheese and biccies for the people who dropped by for a drink and a look
  • Made Chorizo Rosotto (again) for Uncle James and Mr K and Nanny.
  • Watched Interior design shows on Home for inspiration

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