Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Renovation Day 11

Carpet Day!  How excitement.  Went to bed last night with thoughts running through my mind of where I am going to place furniture, what furniture to buy, what colours to accent the rooms ... and on and on and on went my mind.  Finally silenced the brain about 11-30pm, which is late for me.  By 12-30 I was awake again with a dripping nose, a fidgety dog and could not stop sneezing.  Sat up in bed and read for a while but by 2-30am I had enough of not being able to sleep so took half a Xanax, knowing it would make me tired come morning.  Ahhh blissful, dreamy sleep... until the damn alarm went off.

Although I did wake feeling hungover, I was too excited about the new carpet to stay in bed.  The carpet layers were due about 10-30am, so gave us time to clear out the rooms and to have a good tidy up and sort out of tools and painting gear.  I think I am most excited about these Reno's as it gives us the space and time to sort and store the good things and get rid of the junk.  I get a thrill being able to locate what I want, be able to get to it easily and know that it is being stored so it does not get damaged/dirty.  Sad huh!

Carpet layers finished by 2pm - even after a minor disaster of having the carpet for my little office and not the library.  They were great guys, made a phone call and had the carpet for the library delivered.  It looks amazing and I was pleasantly surprised at the colour - I could not remember it and was scared it would be too light.  Its just like the wall colour, just darker.

Started to clean out the books in the old guest room, man we have some books!  Having a cull as we go but not many books are making their way to the discard pile :-)  Dusting each and every book, sorting into categories - feels like I am back working in the Library.

We have my office almost emptied, just the bed and side tables to move.  More jobs to do add to my list in my head - repaint the side tables as they are pink and stressed, order new quilt cover, sort genealogy files, start knitting (found my needles and wool) ... and so it goes on.  I don't think I could ever be bored in a million years.  Pottering about tonight, putting away things as I get the urge, its all great fun. 

Mr K's library looks awesome, just how we wanted it to look - old and interesting but clean and sleek.

So pictures ...

And here is what the rest of the house looks like now ...

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