Thursday, July 19, 2012

Renovation Day 6

Really good day's work done.  I have the body to prove it.  It aches in every place, even my fingers are sore!  We got a lot done today, and good preparation for tomorrows tasks.  On track to paint walls Saturday.
  • Washed ceilings (that's how my shoulders got sore)
  • Washed walls (arms and back this time)
  • Sanded patches (didn't hurt me as Mr K did this)
  • Coated patches and bare plaster with special sealer.
  • Masked off light fittings, air con vents, door frames etc
  • Mr K sprayed the ceilings - they turned out really well.
  • Cleaned up all the spray gun stuff!  Took ages, but then cleaning up rollers and paint brushes takes longer, so I think the spray gun is better.
  • Did 4 loads of washing in between jobs
  • Folded washing while I cooked dinner
  • Sold home gym and dismantled it and carried it out the the lads car.  If we did that everyday we wouldn't need a home gym as we would have bodies like Olympians.
  • Washed air con vents in dishwasher - does them a treat and they don't fall apart!
  • Crashed and burned on the lounge, body ceased and could not move, even to change the channel on the TV, so had to watch a Top Gear re-run.
Well, my verdict on the paint spray gun is positive.  I did have some doubts about it being a 'gadget' but it has done a very good job and so quick!  It took Mr K only 30 mins (at the most) to paint 3 ceilings.  Very good coverage, and no roller or brush marks.

Tomorrow we will do the door frames with the spray gun, but will paint the walls with roller and brush as the masking off will be too hard for the walls.  The lad who bought the home gym, coincidentally, is a painter (he said he could have done the painting for us as worked off the cost of the gym) said that's the way the professionals do it.  Spray ceilings, doors and door frames and roller the walls. 

I keep thinking we have so much to do, but once the walls are painted, that's it.  We will be done.  Well except for the new carpets, but we wont be doing them.  Then its the fun part, moving the furniture back in and decorating!

Repairing the cracks in the wall.  The mortar had cracked quite badly, so we had to router it out and refill it. Then paint over a sealer.

Masking off the door frames ready to spray.  They have been sanded and cleaned. 

More masking. 
Note how many patches there are on the walls!  The boys won't be getting their bond back!

View from the hallway.  We have decided to replace the solid door here with a glass panelled door.

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