Sunday, July 29, 2012

Renovation - Day 16 - Final

Sunday .. and a glorious day it is too!  Way too excited to sleep in - did a little walk thru of the renovated rooms ... lit some candles, smiled and grinned and felt so good inside.  Isn't it silly how such a simple thing as new paint and carpets can lift you and make the world seem all ok after all?

Had a lot planned to do today, so got in early with some housework (even this is easier and more enjoyable now that we are more organised).  Finished packing the trailer with junk to throw out ready to take to the tip later today.  Loaded the shelving for Mr D on top.

Mr K and I then headed out (I dont think I have been out of the house in well over a week!) to visit a few shops:

  • Freedom Furniture - to look at chairs, a sofa and end tables as well as lots of other lovely things
The wingback I am ordering

The 2 seater sofa I have picked out

  • Beacon Lighting - an ever so brief look in here to get a globe for Mr K's bakelite lamp, but I had my eyes scanned for when we do the lighting properly.
  • A few other (not so nice) furniture shops - two of which had closing down sales.  If you saw the stuff they had in there you would not doubt why they were clossing down.  It was just awful
  • Guildford - antique shops strip.  Still looking for a few old pieces for Mr K's office.
  • Guildford bakery - Lunch and a scrummy chocolate roulade to take to friends for dinner tonight.
By this time, we were late for our plans to head up to Chittering and drop off furniture to friends, the boys to take the trailer to the tip and for Mrs A and I to put a lamb roast in the oven.

Tommy and Minty came up with us, these friends are the owners of Tom Dogs most favorite girl dog in the whole world!  They run and play and play and run for hours.

Lovely evening, spent eating roast and watching the Olympic dressage with great company.  Home by 9pm and not long out of bed I can tell you.

Was excited about tomorrow and the start of working from my spanking new office.  Did I say I was excited about work?  Well yes I was actually, it was a damn good feeeling to have my very own, well set up, space to work in.

Oh, and quietly, between you and me - I was glad my 'holiday' was over.  I am knackered!

Our Tommy after a afternoon's crazy playdate with Keela


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Always great to meet a fellow Perth renovator and look at you go girl so many projects happening! I'm now following you on your journey :)

  2. Thanks Michelle, well I guess we both can appreciate each other and the trials of renovating! You deserved the comment - I love your blog :-)