Sunday, July 15, 2012

Renovation Project - Day 2

Just had a shower to wash of years and years of dust that covered every crack and corner of our old office!  Change of plans for today's tasks.  We were going to start preparing the walls in the three end rooms, but after assessing the space we had to store stuff, it was decided that a sort out of the stuff we already had outside was in order.  The boys came over to take the things they wanted, having a nice nostalgic sort through of old toys, Action Men, Thomas the Tank Engine books, once much prized rock collections. 

Cam and I did a snatch and grab trip to Big W to buy more plastic crates and smaller boxes with lids.  I started the clear out of the old office, something we had all been putting off and dreading for literally years.  But as usual, the hardest part was actually starting, I just picked up the closest thing on the floor and put it away where it belonged.  Did this over and over and before we knew it, the room was almost emptied!

It did take all day, but I feel very confident that what we have packed in crates is all  the things we want to keep and the rest has gone into the trailer, destined for the rubbish tip tomorrow.  I also have bags of clothes and boxes of giveways for Good Sammy and books for the book exchange.  Mr K cleaned and photographed all the things we can sell on Gumtree.

Tomorrow morning we will do the drop offs, and then a trip to Bunnings for spak filler, some more crates, and any other items that Mr K might come up with.  The afternoon will be the final clear out of the library, and removing all shelves and cupboards screwed to the walls.

Tuesday is the day for wall preparation.

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