Sunday, July 1, 2012

How I got started

It's been one of those jobs I have been wanting to to, and meaning to do, but each time I looked in there it seemed such a daunting task.  Where do I start?  There were shoes that needed mending or throwing out, or just plain old putting away in the plastic shoe boxes.  Clothes that I had pulled out to put into charity bags, but didnt have any garbage bags, that were in a pile in the corner.  Clothes from another era (when I was a runner!) were spilling out of a hanging draw.  It was very depressing and therefore I rarely went in there, instead my clean clothes were piled on my dressing table and chair and I dressed from there.  What!?  Was I still 16?

Of course I did what every procrastinator did - I found 101 reasons why I couldnt tackle the mess.
  1. I need garbage bags to put the old clothes in
  2. I need to make the bed before I can put all the clothes out to sort
  3. I need to buy new wooden coat hangers
  4. I dont have time to finish the whole job
  5. I am not in the mood/tired/busy
  6. I need a new set of drawers
  7. Its too dusty in there
  8. Its hot
  9. Its cold
  10. I need to check Pinterest for some inspiration
....  well thats 10 but you get the picture~

Sunday, I had a day with no plans, I had had a good rest Saturday, and something inside me said 'just get started on your wardrobe' (was it you Mum?  Did you channel that to me?) So I did.  I just plunged in there and stared pulling out every item and stacking it in piles on the bed and floor and hallway.  I grabbed the garbage bags (that I had finally got around to buying) and started throwing all the clothes that I currently did not wear.  I had this mantra in my head ... "have you worn this in the last 3 months?"  If the answer was no, I shoved it in the bag.  I also kept telling myself a few more stories to keep me going -
  • Even if I do lose weight, I can treat myself to some new jeans/running tops
  • Did I really love wearing this top/dress?  If I didnt then it went
  • If these pants made me look like grandma, then they went
I was ruthless and to prove it, there are 9 full garbage bags sitting in the hallway ready to take to Good Sammies!  So now I had an empty wardrobe that I cleaned and vacuumed.  This is what it looked like after 4 hours .. yes it only took me four hours to get done.  I cant beleive that I put it off so long.  I keep going to look at it and admire my neat, tidy, organised wardrobe.  Every item hanging in there I like wearing, it fits me, it is clean and neat! 

Very smug I am :-) right now!!

Lessons learnt today

  1. A clean wardrobe makes you feel good (and a little smug)
  2. It never takes as long as you think it will
  3. Just plunge in and ignore your procrastinating self
  4. There are very few charity bins around anymore, in fact we found none, and so we have a hallway full of black bags.
  5. Just DO IT!

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