Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interior Design Woes

Carrying on with the curtain theme ...

I keep changing my mind about colours as the colour/style I had in my mind, I can't find in real life in the way of accessories etc.

Take the guest bedroom.

It was going to be latte with duck egg blue accents.  I can't find curtain material that matches this, or bed covers, or even art I like.  So this is what has evolved.

This is the nicest curtain fabric I have found... (this pic does not show it well, but its a natural buff colour, dark demin and white stripes)

I bought this cushion as it had the right colour background and a bird motif.

and this bedlinen - not the quilt, but the doona and pillows are all white so will go with anything.

Fell in love with this canvas, and it arrived today, but want to paint the little birds red.

So now the room is going to be latte, demin blue with red accents. 

Funny how things change. 

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  1. Damn those perfectly displayed paint swatches that we spend all our time trying to find things the same! Its true though you can only buy what is out there in the shops now, and often if we like fashion or trends from the USA or UK us wee people in Perth dont seem to get them for a year or more down the track! I think your colour scheme has come together well and bit by bit you'll find the right accessories. You could even check out op shops to find things in those colours :)