Sunday, August 12, 2012

The weekend of almost normal

We are so enjoying our renovated house, that bizarrely, we both have renewed energy and desire to 'potter' about.  I am just blown away how such a relatively (albeit hard slog) small amount of work has changed out mood and attitude so completely.  I knew it would make me feel better, and lift me from the depression I have been under for a long time, but I didn't think Mr K was under the same heavy weight.

As we each have our own area's to play now, we spent the Saturday morning emptying the boxes stored in the carport.  I had a great time as a lot of the boxes were things I packed up when we painted the lounge/dining/kitchen in 2010.  All my beautiful green and white transferwear plates and cups were unpacked and displayed on the dresser.  My Irish pottery, my lovely green and white striped jugs (these are old jugs from NSW, an Aussie take on the blue and white Cornishwear).  I was like a kid at Christmas, the scary thing was that I kept unearthing treasures that I had completely forgotten I owned.  Which gave me a niggling thought - if I don't remember these things, then I didn't miss them, and do I really need them?  I silenced this thought with a rekindling of my love of them and now the rooster and hen sit atop my dresser, my Lilliput Lanes are on display (I never forgot I had these, they have been an old and valued love). 

However, I did get my ruthless hat on and if I really did not like the item, if it was damaged, or just did not fit, then it went into the give away box.  The hardest things to deal with are those that have been given to you as gifts, but you are not sure you like or that they fit with my style.  I know people give me things from their heart, but sometimes they just don't work.  I am keeping these things but stored away for another time and place - perhaps they will work better then.  So if you are reading this and you don't see gifts displayed, please know that I love the thought, but the reality may not be right for now.  I do still have them, as I treasure the sentiment, but they are not on display in this house.

Mr K too had a very productive time.  He was even (wait for this!) seen with not only a vacuum cleaner, but cleaning clothes as well.  And if that isn't too shocking, how about this - he labelled, with a label maker, all his drawers!  His new desk is certainly making him Mr Clean and Organised. 

The walls are looking very bare, so the next little mini project is to be putting up the pictures we have and finding other pictures to complete the look. 

Sunday was bleak and wet so the perfect day to stay warm and dry and have son #2 and his girlfriend drop by for lunch.  Mr K's sister was visiting her mum and came bearing home made (she is such a wonderful sweets cook) sponge cake.  I had made a quiche, so it was not a hard task to expand the lunch invite to Ms J and MIL to make six.  Any excuse for me to use my new silver tea set and in no time we had tea and cakes and all things 'high tea'!  Oh the joy of pouring (I played Mother) tea from a beautiful, elegant teapot.  I felt like a Duchess.

Using the dining room like this, made me realise that this room now needs bringing up to scratch.  I will add it to the never-ending list of To Do's.

PS: Sorry for bad photo's - using my phone for the pics, think I need to go back to the camera?

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