Monday, August 20, 2012

Today was the first time in ages that I have thought about, and pined for, the other life I want to live.  This hasn't happened for at least 3 months and it kinda shocked me when it did.  I was ironing, Mr K's work shirt and then some placemats.  Don't know why but I started thinking about my folks escape to the country - their good life freedom.  It made me a bit scared and panicked as I felt old and that we might have left this all too late? 

For so many years it has been an almost daily thought, my dreams of being on a farm and self sufficient and earthy and close to the bones of life.  The vision that appears in my thoughts is kinda like this -

Well sort of.  I haven't found a picture yet that embodies my deep desire in its entirety.  There are so many elements and feelings that make up the dream.

Here are a series of pictures that make my heart glad, my mind smile and keep the dream alive inside my soul.  The images are bittersweet - they represent the things I want most of all, but at the same time are the things that are so far away from what my life is now.

I just hope I reach them before its too late.

I want to watch and wonder at new life

I want to only eat food that is in season
I want to feel the thrill of creating something from nothing

The best sign in the world (unless its my farm!)

Coming home ...

Guard Geese

Milk and Cream and Big Licks

Oh, I can dream big can't I ?!?

Memories of a life past


  1. It is never too late! And your dreams should be as big as you like! Im sure when the time is right things will fall into place for you and guide you towards your dream farm x

    1. Thanks and yes you are right. Dreams should be BIG!